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Custom Press On Nails With SabzGlam

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Great Custom Press On Nails With Delivery

At SabzGlam you get a perfect match of the nails you want, plus they are delivered straight to your door. You get a choice of stunning pre designed nails which are then made custom to your size. You also have the choice to mix and match with single sets to create your own set.

Alternatively you can simply send in a custom request for a completely unique style of press on nails.

Website design is easy to navigate and also gives you some reviews from past customers which seem very happy with their products. They accept all major payment methods and also over a part payment scheme where you pay it in instalments which is great!

Types Of Custom Press On Nails

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You will find a huge variety of sets you can choose from, all with a custom size to make sure they fit well on your nails for the maximum usage.

Prices vary from £25 up to around £50 for the more premium selection. All prices are shown with shipping and tax worked in so no hidden horrors at the check out and shipping is UK and worldwide!

They also done leave you high and dry, they provide a whole kit to get your nails on well which comes included in the price.

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So whether your after a present for your partner or simply a stylish new set to wear then SabzGlam is the place to find your perfect custom press on nails.

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